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Viktor MelnikovViktor Melnikov is Artistic Director of TELLTOJOY Art Theatre & Performing Arts Education Program, OPEN WORKSPACE, Board member of the Theatre Education and Training Committee – TECOM of ITI / NGO in informal associate relations with UNESCO and Member of ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts).

Viktor Melnikov2Viktor was born in 1976 in a small town near Kiev in the Ukraine. In 1994, he moved to Denmark where he lives currently. Viktor spent his childhood years attending summer pioneer camps in the Ukraine, and as a result, he enjoys singing, dancing and acting. This love of performing inspired a new direction in his life in his mid-20’s, when he decided to study acting and attended the Danish National School of Theatre. As a working actor with representatives in Europe, as a board member of the Theatre Education and Training Committee of International Theatre Institute/UNESCO, and as the Founder and Artistic Director of TELLTOJOY Art Theatre and OPEN WORKSPACE, Viktor enjoys pursuing his passion and sharing his love of theatre with others.


The International Art Theatre Company TELLTOJOY was founded in the spring of 2011 and based in Copenhagen and collaborates with several national and international performing arts organizations and individuals.TELLTOJOY strives to be an innovative and inspiring international theater company that dares to explore new methods and techniques in our search for understanding and expression.At TELLTOJOY, we are committed to telling stories that touch our hearts and uplift our spirits with exciting experiences, and with room for poetry and magic.