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Adjunct Associate Professor of Law: Lola Cohen

Course Description

Be it Hamlet’s soliloquy, a closing argument at trial or at the negotiating table; both the lawyer and the actor must capture and control the attention of his or her audience. Performance skills basic to acting including relaxation, concentration and motivation when incorporated into legal work will significantly increase the likelihood of the message being conveyed in the most effective manner.

Communication Skills…

The acting exercises described below will stimulate the imagination and the senses enhancing attorney’s capacity to:

  • Increase the level of trust and develop an immediate rapport with jury, judge, witnesses, clients, and opposing counsel.
  • Maintain concentration amidst courtroom or conference room dynamics preserving confidence and spontaneity.
  • Provide insights and technique for witness and client preparation.
  • Transition to the behavior and demeanor most apropos to the litigation and negotiation strategies gracefully and effectively.
  • Convey meaning to the physical objects of the trial such as evidence, eye glasses, furniture, pads and pencils and using them effectively.
  • Practice, and deliver openings and closing arguments, objections or other presentations convincingly with power clarity and conviction.
  • Expand strategic options employing an enhanced range and subtlety of advocacy skills.


The exercises which the participants will be introduced to include:

Relaxation to minimize physical and emotional tension and their impact on expression and performance.

Sense memory to stimulate the imagination in order to strategically plan desired results.

Improvisation to develop spontaneity finding the behavior to field the curve balls reality throws at you moment to moment.

Monologues to demonstrate and present believable realities which will be delivered by the participants and critiqued by me.


The training will close with discussion about the exercises and how to apply the techniques to prepare for court or other presentations, meetings, and appearances.

Relaxation – Concentration – Communication
Skills for Attorneys
© 1998 Lola Cohen