Celebrity Endorsements

Francis Ford Coppola
“I always think upon Lee Strasberg with warmth, and reviewing his wisdom is a pleasure.”

Johnny Depp
“For the actor, ‘The Lee Strasberg Notes’ are an indispensable companion. Put it in your coat pocket and go… For anyone interested in the multi-faceted beast that is human behavior, the same applies. What a treat for anyone protracted of tooth or as green as grass. Everyone’s a winner. Go…”

Ellen Burstyn
“I studied with Lee for 25 years at the Actors Studio, and to read this book is to be inspired, stimulated and taught once again by his depth and articulation of The Method.”

Barry Levinson
“Having worked with a number of the outstanding actors from the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, I can say that his work has had a profound effect on cinema as we know it today. Lola Cohen’s ‘Notes’ are about as close as we can come to experiencing the magic of what Lee gave to his students.”

Bonnie Bruckheimer
“The Lee Strasberg Notes should be required reading, not only for actors (and those aspiring to be actors) but directors and producers as well. Lola Cohen’s dedication to Lee Strasberg’s work is most evident in this carefully crafted book and it is an incredible tool for everyone working, and even interested in theatre and film.”

Ralph Fiennes
“Reading ‘The Lee Strasberg Notes’ re-kindled the first rush of excitement I felt about the possibilities of Acting. If you are an Actor – buy it.”

Eva Marie Saint
“My years starting with Lee Strasberg enriched my life and my work”

Kelli O’Hara
“Lee Strasberg introduced me to my walls and I’ve been chiseling away ever since.”

Scott Glenn
“Lola Cohen’s book has brought Lee, living and breathing, with his iron-bound commitment to the work, back into my conscious, every day journey, in this strange and wonderful adventure of acting. It has reminded me that study never ends, that exercises are invaluable and specificity of emotion and intent, vs. generality, is necessary for real depth. Every actor (as well as director) should read this book as an antidote against complacency. Lee’s words are inspirational, tough, and practical… Lola has captured his essence brilliantly.”

Ellen Chenoweth
“Lola Cohen’s marvelous new book is as close as we can ever get to sitting at Lee Strasberg’s knee.”

Jeffrey Hayden
“I arrived in New York in 1946 and had the great good fortune to attend Lee Strasberg’s Directors class at the American Theatre Wing. Now, 64 years later, I am still working off of the notes from that class.”